8 Useful Tips for Furnishing Your Home

Here are some excellent tips for furnishing your home.   It is sometimes quite useful to take a few minutes an think about what you want your home to say about you, and what you want your home to do for you.

Think about your home, and think about the following Tips for Furnishing Your Home:

1.  What do you want it to be?    If you want your home to be a tranquil oasis in a busy world, are your colors soothing or do they shout loudly?   If you want a fun place for friends to gather, do you have plenty of seating?  That said, is conventional seating necessary of should you look at bean bags, hanging chairs, large cushions.

2.  What are your main hobbies and activities?   What do you need for these activities?  For example, if you have a collection (books, stamps or ornaments) that you work on, have you considered obtaining adequate storage containers for the, one that can be easily taken out and put away.

3.  Who will be using the space?   How many people live in your home?  What ages?  It’s important for every person to have a space that they can call their own.  Whether it’s a special chair, sofa, desk or a section of a room, everyone needs ‘their space’.

4.  What about your things?   It’s easy to become very messy if things don’t have a place.     A small filing cabinet, or shelving unit are musts for many people – it’s a great place to store all the papers that you don’t know what to do with! (my post is opened and then stored in the living room shelving unit for about a month before being filled).

5.  How much do you really need?  Too much furniture makes a room seem crowded.  The bare essentials are a couch and chair, a table and chairs for eating, a bed and place for your clothes.   After that, think hard about what you need or don’t need.  Will you really use that computer desk – or would you rather sit on the couch with a laptop?

6.  Think about the traffic flow.   You want to be able to walk anywhere in the room without bumping into furniture.   I have ensured that from the front door to the  kitchen patio doors, there is an uninterrupted pathway, as quite often I come in and the first thing i want to to is open the patio doors to get some fresh air in.

7.  Pick a focal point – your property has unique features.  What do you want to see when your first walk in the room?   If you have nice windows with great lighting, are you emphasising it?   A room does feel lighter, brighter and happier when there is plenty of natural sunlight.

8.  Think about order and organization.  Do your children bring home work to complete every day, or mail, or sports equipment?    Where will you put it?   A large bowl or box near the front door is a great place to drop mail until you go through it later.

9.  Take advantage of free expert advice.  Many homeware stores employ professional designers who will help you put furniture and accessories together.   If you’re unsure of your decorating skills, pick a design you like.   Study how they did it either by looking through a catalogue or going to a store.   It’s all there assembled and displayed for you.   If you like the look, simply do what they’ve done!

Simple Tips for Furnishing Your Home

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