7 Physical And Mental Health Benefits Of Cleaning

Not many people enjoy cleaning, and even those that do will admit that there is often something else they’d rather be doing.Cleaning and tidying a house can feel like a huge, thankless task, something that we have to keep doing over and over again with no clear benefit (aside from our houses not being gross, that is). However, it’s time we appreciated cleaning a bit more, especially since it comes with loads of great health benefits.

It Helps Us Breathe Better

Our homes are full of pollutants and allergens,such as dust, dust mites, and skin particles, that can make it harder for us to breathe well. Regular cleaning keeps our airways and lungs happy and healthy.Just remember to use natural cleaning products where possible, as certain chemicals found in cleaning products can be just as dangerous for our lungs as the dirt they are trying to remove.

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll need some specialist tools to tackle all that pet hair and dander, which also lead to the “dog smell” your friends are too nice to tell you about. This list from Rover outlines your must-haves, from sticky rollers to get rid of all that fur to baking soda-based products for eliminating bad smells.

It Makes Us Less Anxious

The sight of an untidy or dirty house can be a source of anxiety for many people. This is partly because it is a reminder of all the things you still have to do, but it’s not just that. Messy environments are filled with clutter, which can overload our brain with information we don’t need, which causes us stress. Cleaning is not just hygienic – it’s good for our mental health.

It’s A Workout

While no one is suggesting that you base your entire fitness routine around the act of cleaning your house, a deep clean can definitely boost your activity for the day. Calorie Lab has a detailed list of the calories burned doing various household chores, for 15 minutes or one hour.Moving household objects upstairs is the winner, but simpler cleaning tasks like doing the dishes and vacuuming can add up.

It Keeps Pests Out

Cleaning gets rid of the crumbs that inevitably accumulate everywhere we prepare and eat food, which are the main attraction for bugs and other forms of vermin. These unwanted house guests are icky, sure, but they can also cause a variety of health problems. Clean your crumbs up regularly and keep food containers closed to avoid giving them reasons to visit the house.

It Can Encourage Charity

Regular decluttering gives you a chance to periodically evaluate your possessions. You take stock of what you use, what you need, and what you actually don’t like that much. This helps you keep a tidier home that is easier to maintain, but it also has the benefit of giving you a great opportunity to practice altruism. Giving your unwanted things to charity is actually great for your physical and mental health, much like volunteering or donating money to a good cause.

It Makes You Feel Proud

The sense of achievement you get when you have finished cleaning the house or a specific room is a high worth chasing. This pride, as well as the pride you generally have from having a nice home, is good for you. Indeed, when derived from real hard work, pride can motivate you to work harder and actually make you a better person.

It Helps You Make Healthy Choices

There is evidence that a tidy environment encourages you to make healthy choices, such as choosing a nutritious meal or exercising. The downside to this is that more chaotic environments could be better for creativity, so if you have a studio or office space in your home, feel free to let that get a bit messier.

If these reasons haven’t convinced you to getup and start cleaning your house, at least they will have made you realize the many reasons why you are putting so much effort into keeping your home clean.The aesthetics of a messy or dirty house are actually the least of your problems. It’s the health hazards that come with living in such an environment,as well as the multiple benefits of cleaning it up, that should have you reaching for a mop.

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